Your Marketing has No Future in the Status Quo

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It should be no surprise that our world is changing dramatically every day. The news pummels us with it constantly in both heavy-handed and subtle ways.

This reality has cautionary Marketing implications too: No matter how well you craft, express and maintain your unique selling proposition, your brand is at risk in this dynamic environment.

Here are two cold, hard facts:

  • Change is inevitable; and
  • You’re only as good as your last mistake.

These are lessons for every business, organization or advocacy group.  Whether you’re selling a product, or professional service or promoting an idea in the public affairs arena, you need to regularly assess, plan and execute. There’s no future in the status quo.

Your Marketing challenges go beyond your competition.  The marketplace itself is undergoing dramatic change. How you find and engage your audience may reflect on your brand in ways you might not have imagined even a few short years ago.

Change is hard and it takes real commitment. Many business and organization leaders pay lip service to change but too few truly embrace it.

Of course, change simply for its own sake is counterproductive. Fully consider why you are who you are, what makes you different in the marketplace and learn how best to address the shifting sands. Think again about Fact Number One.

It takes visionary courage to make the hard choices associated transformational change. The starting place is serious and objective assessment because judgments should not come lightly. If necessary, get the help you need.

Conducting a Communications audit will identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of your brand and Marketing activities.

Developing a strategic marketing plan should dig deep into your current context and set purposeful objectives. Implementing the plan requires confidence and discipline

While you’re engaged in assessment, it’s also a good idea to be sure your Crisis Communication Plan is focused and up to date. Being prepared is good stewardship. Fact Number Two, above, suggests what can go wrong, will. But you can be ready for it.

Inevitable change is manageable if you adjust.

(c) 2023 Stephen Madarasz is a consultant specializing in Communication Audits, Assessments & Marketing Plans – Sharing and use of this material is encouraged, provided the source is identified and credited.